Meet The Team

The Team Behind Our Successful Business

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Robin Winwood: Managing Director & Sales

Rob is the owner-manager and the heart of Hallmarket Ltd.

He established the company in 1984, which has gone from strength to strength.

Rob is first and foremost an engineer, as well as dealing in turf machinery he also designs and builds custom machines from scratch; he is the font of all turf machinery knowledge!

Somehow we managed to convince rob to remove his woolly hat for this photo – a rare occurrence!

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Tina Winwood: Customer Accounts Manager & Secretary

Tina has two main responsibilities at Hallmarket, managing the accounts function and also keeping Rob in check! She has a background in commercial banking and brought her expertise to the family business in 1998.

Outside of work, Tina is very active, she enjoys going to the gym, walking the dogs and tinkering in the garden

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Matt Dolman: Parts Manager

Matt is one of the longest standing members of Hallmarket, having worked at the company for 15 years.

Matt undertook an apprenticeship in his early years, gaining a mechanical engineering qualification.

Over the years he has built up a vast knowledge of Hallmarket, Kesmac and Brouwer products and a good relationship with the customers.

Outside of work Matt enjoys reading, walking and computing.


James Winwood:

James, as Rob’s son, has been an integral member of our team since completing his A-levels.

His responsibilities include overseeing the maintenance and operations of machinery at our turf farm, as well as participating in the assembly of both new and refurbished equipment.

James’ extensive experience in repairing, maintaining, and assembling a wide range of turf equipment makes him an invaluable resource for customers seeking advice on machine adjustments or other technical matters.

Moreover, James takes full control of our turf growing and harvesting operations, and his extensive experience in operating the machines we use for these activities has helped him understand customers’ needs more effectively.

As such, he is well-equipped to provide prompt and practical solutions to any concerns our customers may have.


Declan Peabody:

After completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering, Dec (as he prefers to be called) gained employment at Jaguar Land Rover’s Design headquarters in Gaydon, Warwick.

During this time, he acquired extensive experience and met Holly, Rob’s daughter, who also works at the same company.

In early 2022, during a family holiday, Rob proposed the idea of Dec joining Hallmarket and Turfworld, which he agreed to.

Dec commenced his employment with the family business in June 2022 and has since undertaken various roles within the organization.

In December 2022, Dec and Holly, Rob’s daughter, got married, bringing joy to everyone involved.

Apart from shadowing our busy office, Dec has been diligently developing our aggregates business and collaborating closely with Rob’s son James, with a focus on enhancing productivity and quality.


Katie: Office Administrator

In 2020, coinciding with the lifting of the first lockdown, Katie joined our team at Hallmarket and our sister business, Turfworld.

Prior to this, she held various positions in Travis Perkins and recruitment.

As our office administrator, Katie handles a range of responsibilities, including answering calls, receiving orders, and overseeing the delivery process.

We have no doubt that many of you have already had the pleasure of interacting with Katie, and have found her to be a knowledgeable individual with a bubbly personality.


Chris Burston: SEO / Digital Marketing / Graphic Design

Chris, who holds a degree in Graphic Design/Illustration from the University of Wolverhampton, has over 20 years of experience in the field.

He joined our team at Hallmarket and Turfworld in April 2022, bringing with him six years of expertise in SEO and digital marketing.

Managing all of all marketing campaigns, Chris oversees our SEO efforts, email marketing, website management, and social media channels.

He has a goal of using his creativity and technical prowess to deliver innovative marketing solutions that help us reach out to our customers more effectively.