For the purpose of clarity Hallmarket are not the European dealer for FireFly Automatix. FireFly are dealing direct with customers across Europe.

If you wish to get in touch with them then please email:

So Why Do We Show FireFly On Our Website?

At Hallmarket we pride ourselves on introducing the latest technology into the Turf Growing Industry.

Over 15 years ago when the Robomax was being redesigned and many of you were very suspicious and negative about the machine because of its previous performance, we drove with a Robomax throughout Europe visiting many of your farms to introduce to you new technology to assist your farms.

Hallmarket listened to your feedback and made some of it a reality such as the 1m X 1.2M pallet, the 0.8M x 1.2M pallet and the push on pallet injector too. 

It was Hallmarket who made these things happen and who are the reason many of you are using automatic technology today. 

Today there is now a new machine and company in a league of its own. This is a company not satisfied with simply giving you an alternative, but has designed a machine which in our eyes has unrivalled performance and accuracy.

Many large and small growers alike have moved to this machine and company, some having multiple machines and some single users. If you are a grower who is always looking to improve efficiency and quality then this is the machine for you.

Hallmarket will assist FireFly on their journey whenever they need us, to enter the European market.

What FireFly Have To Say

FireFly has established itself as a leading expert in the grass-cutting industry.

They have a wealth of experience cutting a wide variety of grass types and handling different conditions.

Their commitment to innovation has resulted in the development of disruptive technology that sets them apart from their competitors.

The R300 machine is a prime example of their ground-breaking technology.

It boasts smooth movements and superior durability that contribute to lower parts bills.

What’s more, many of the mechanisms used in the R300 were initially designed for the high-cycle slab harvesters, indicating a longer lifespan than competing machines.

  • No jerky stacking system hydraulics
  • Much more precise stacking, resulting in neater pallets
  • Faster stacking speed
  • Produces a thinner cut
  • Considerable reduction in required horsepower in comparison with the Robomax, resulting in lower emissions and better fuel consumption

These are the reasons we believe this machine stands out from the rest.

Read below for more details and features for the FireFly R300.

FireFly R300 Top Features

  • Excellent weight balance
  • 4wd with traction control
  • Remote software updates and diagnostics
  • Electronic auto steer
  • GPS ready
  • Navigation system (option)
  • Extreme durability
  • Depth control recognised as the best in the industry
  • Self adjusting dual flipper
  • Easily accommodate varying roll lengths, handling 8 to 12 square foot (.7 to 1.1 m2) rolls with ease.
  • Top quality pallets


  • Certified Tier 4 Final
  • 74 hp / 55 kw
  • No DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) required
  • No DPF (diesel particulate filters) needed
  • No regen cycles
  • Hydrostatic, infinitely variable transmission

All-Electric Stacker

  • Smooth and quiet motion
  • Secure roll pickup
  • Consistent quality
  • Precision pressure control
  • Drop on-the-fly

TurfView Cab

  • Quiet and non-fatiguing
  • Air-ride swivel seat
  • Full climate control (Heat, A/C)
  • Bluetooth stereo system
  • Hands-free integration with your smart phone
  • Ergonomic controls and handrails
  • Wide, slip-resistant steps
  • Back door for easy access to engine
  • Toolbox and blade storage
  • Cup holders
  • Intuitive controls on a touchscreen
  • 12v power point

Lower Maintenance

  • Smooth movements reduce wear
  • Bolt-on components with replaceable wear points reduce your parts costs
  • Easy-to-access service