Who We Are

Welcome to Hallmarket Turf Machinery

Hallmarket Limited - Established 1984

Hallmarket was established back in 1984 by Rob Winwood for the purpose of designing and selling Turf Harvesters.

During that time Hallmarket has become recognised as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced companies relating to Turf Harvesters in the world.

Today we have machines in almost every country and have built up very good relationships with our worldwide customer base.

Our Approach

Our approach is very different from your average dealer distributors in so far that we don’t just know how to sell the equipment and promote the equipment, but we also are very experienced in using the equipment.

There is no equipment we sell that we do not have an in depth knowledge of including the operation, service and maintenance and adjustments.

We know how to help you obtain the best from your machines and that’s what sets us above and apart from others.

We have our own Turf Farm and experience what our customers experience each day so we can sympathise and design out problems as we see them.

Operation & Development

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For many years we were involved in the development of the Brouwer Robomax. It’s a machine we are very familiar with and we designed and developed the 1M X 1.2M, 0.8M X 1.2M and the Push on Pallet Injector.

Since 2019/2020, we have moved away from the relationship with Kesmac Brouwer.

We still operate a reliable spare parts service for many makes of machines but particularly Turf Harvesters and Gang Mowers.

We also stock the full range of Brouwer and Kesmac parts.

We deliver parts all over the world daily but again what sets us apart is our knowledge and experience meaning that when customers call us they don’t just get the spare part but lots of useful advice too.

Hallmarket has always been at the forefront of development and is always keen to move forward developing new ideas.

We have always tried to introduce new techniques and developments to the Turf Growing industry even when we are not actively involved.

The Future Of The Turf Growing Industry

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We want to see the Turf Growing industry flourish and have the benefit of better, more improved ways of doing things.

With that in mind we have provided assistance, when necessary, to Firefly, a USA based company, who produce what we can only describe as the most advanced Turf Harvester on the market today.

Our assistance is only to help, whenever they need us, to become established in Europe, and provide European growers with a much better alternative.

What attracts us to the machine and the people behind it is it is not just another Turf Harvester.

It uses electrics to power much of the machine and in particular the stacker head. It is smooth but quick and very accurate, something not achievable when using hydraulics.

This is certainly a machine which takes Turf Harvesting to a new level and is why we continue to tell our existing customer about it.

We continue to buy and sell used machines including hand stackers, Automatic machines, mowers and Big Roll equipment and can reprogram automatic machines to suit a customers requirements.

We look forward to working with current and new customers across the globe and will continue to play our part to bring new technology to the Turf Industry.

Where To Find Us



Pendeford Farm,

Pendeford Hall Ln,

Coven, Wolverhampton

WV9 5D


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Working Hours:

Mon - Thur: 7.30am - 6.00pm

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