Since their launch in 1995 Kesmac cylinder mowers have been used on turf farms across the world.

As it has now been proven that regular cylinder mowing assists in the growth of faster, denser grass it is impossible to underestimate the importance of using good, reliable cylinder mowers.

The Kesmac gang mower range offers the very best results and should be your first choice to ensure your turf reaches its absolute potential.

Mowing in the Wet

Whilst cylinder mowing in the wet is never the ideal situation, sometimes it is necessary to avoid grass getting too long during prolonged periods of wet weather. The Kesmac mowers are able to mow in the wet where other mowers fail.

Their wide throat at the back of each mower head enables them to discharge clippings high and evenly helping to avoid blocking. This unique feature enables a Kesmac mower to get started early in the morning when there may be a covering of dew, avoiding costly delays.

Low H.P. Requirements and Operating Costs

Kesmac cylinder mowers only need a fraction of the H.P. required by other cylinder mowers. In fact, the large 11-Gang Mower only requires a 47 H.P. tractor to drive it comfortably.

A reduction in H.P. consumption reduces fuel bills and means that lighter tractors are able to be used on areas where ground pressure is important.

Low Maintenance Costs

Because of their simple but effective construction, the Kesmac cylinder is a very cheap machine to maintain. Maintenance is very easy and any problems which arise are very simple to identify and resolve (NO EXPENSIVE HYDRAULIC MOTORS TO WORRY ABOUT).

All spare parts for UK machines are available from Hallmarket on a next day service and experienced technical staff are on site to assist you.

Simple to Use and Adjust

Kesmac cylinder mowers are fitted with quick, easy and accurate adjusters.

Whether adjusting cylinder to bed knife settings or cutting height settings, they can all be carried out accurately and above all, very quickly.

Fixed or Floating Head

The whole range of Kesmac mowers are now available as a fixed or floating head. Even the mighty 11-gang can be purchased as a floating head machine having been introduced in spring 2004.

Available Sizes

Kesmac mowers are available in a range of sizes which include:

  • 5-gang producing an 11ft 6″ cut (3505mm)
  • 7-gang producing a 16ft cut (4877mm)
  • 9-gang producing a 20ft 6″ cut (6250mm)
  • 11-gang producing a 25ft cut (7620mm).



Kesmac mowers can be moved into transportation mode within seconds at the touch of the hydraulic lever. Each mower has a safety chain for driving on the road to provide extra safety.

Attaching to the Tractor

Kesmac mowers can be attached onto the tractor within seconds. Attaching and detaching can be safely carried out by one operator and requires very little effort at all.

Cylinder Sizes and Configurations

Every Kesmac mower can be purchased with 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 bladed reels, and the reel diameter is normally 8″ (203mm). 10″ (254mm) diameter reels are available and have been previously supplied to customers.

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