The Hallmarket TIM 750 (Turf Installation Machine) is the only one of its kind.

Its tried and tested patented turf feed-out system makes it the only machine which actually feeds out the turf without stretching or stressing it at all.

Hallmarket rolled out this product in 1993 and since then machines have been sold throughout the world. Many European top-flight football clubs have had their pitches laid with the TIM 750, as have leading British tennis venues.

It lays turf with speed, efficiency and accuracy, operating from the already laid turf. It is only available in one size, 29″ (737mm), which makes it very manoeuvrable.

It is often used to lay turf to the front and back of houses on new or existing developments.

A Tiller device removes any track marks before the turf is laid creating the perfect base for the turf, and a winch system enables loading of rolls easily and quickly without the need of an on-site forklift.

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