In July 2008 we successfully launched a range of Rotary Finishing Mowers aimed at those wishing to get the best cut possible but without going to a cylinder mower.

Our range is called The Rotamow Range and currently consists of single deck mowers connected to the tractor by the 3 point linkage and 9m trailed mower.

These will be available as trailed machines as well as a front mounted version too.

The secret to their success is the incredibly fast tip speed that we have developed along with the excellent clipping discharge rate. This produces an excellent finish and evenly spread clippings.

A floating head enables the Rotamow to cope with undulations and the large Heavy Duty Rollers front and rear provide an excellent striping effect. The cutting blade consists of swing tips carefully designed to lift the grass upwards as it cuts.

A set of castor wheels are available as an optional extra to interchange with the front roller, particularly when very long or very weak grass is being cut.

The whole machine is designed to be very low maintenance and very easy to use. Height adjustments can be achieved very quickly and scraper wires are fitted to the front and rear rollers. Attaching to the tractor could not be easier.

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