Hallmarket’s Big Roll Turf Harvester is yet another product which has an impeccable pedigree.

It was developed in 1992 and since then hundreds have been sold throughout the world.

This machine provides an uncomplicated, totally reliable, and very cost effective way to produce big rolls.

It is available in a range of sizes from 20″ (508mm) up to 48″ (1220mm) with the most popular size being 29″ (737mm).

The big roll market can be very up and down. Fast and furious one minute and non-existent the next – this machine provides the perfect solution.

It is a low-cost and yet high-output machine not tying up precious capital when business is slow, but providing an ideal machine capable of high output when orders are flowing.

It is a machine which requires very little maintenance and very little knowledge to use in a efficient manner.

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