The Kesmac KTR-30 Pedestrian Turf Roller is another very popular machine from the Kesmac range. It is powered with a Honda 5.5HP engine which drives the roller hydrostatically.

A comfortable operating handle is fitted with fingertip controls for speed (forward and reverse) and an on/off switch. The operating handle can be folded up after use for easy storage or transportation.

Safety too is top priority, incorporating a ‘dead mans handle’ shutting off the engine once the operating handle is released.

The KTR-30 is fitted with a 24″ (610mm) diameter front roller x 30″ (762mm) wide followed by an 8″ (203mm) diameter rear roller of the same width.

Unlike other rollers, the KTR-30 is truly a walk behind machine because of the large diameter rear roller which can run on turf without cutting in.

Both front and rear rollers are fitted with scraper blades to prevent build up and a choice of smooth drum or traction drum is available. All drum edges are rounded to prevent cutting in.

Filled with water, the KTR-30 weighs in at 393Kg (215Kg when empty). Filling is simple with filling points being very accessible.

The KTR-30 is a safe and excellent piece of equipment and is perfectly suited to Landscapers, Contractors and Rental Companies.

It has an excellent speed range and produces an astonishing finish.

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