The Kesmac “Do-It-Yourself” Turf Harvester provides ONE MAN harvesting without the complications of a self stacking machine.

The Harvester is equipped with convenient dual controls giving you the choice of stacking turf with or without a driver.

All controls are situated conveniently at the rear of the harvester and include:

  • Power shuttle for clutchless gear changes from forward to reverse
  • Harvester joystick
  • Tractor brak.
  • Tractor throttle
  • Hi-Lo shifter
  • Pallet forks (up-down) lever
  • Depth control switch
  • Optional roll up speed control knob
  • Steering wheel
  • Autosteer width of cut control
  • Palletless forks option
  • Hallmarket Autocorrect System
  • Cut off beeper
  • Radar
  • Tether cord

Safety First

As with all Kesmac machines, your safety comes first. Time and effort is spent not only designing you the most effective machines around, but also the safest ones too with the “DIY” Harvester being no exception to this rule.

Every “DIY” Harvester is equipped with a radar, preventing anyone or anything coming within 15 feet of the machine as it travels forwards.

If that isn’t enough, the lone operator has a tether cord attached to his/her waist, applying the clutch and brake to the Tractor if he/she steps or falls off the back of the machine.

Uncomplicated, One-Man Harvesting

Whilst the “DIY” Harvester does not profess to be an alternative to “Automatic Stacking” machines, it does provide an uncomplicated machine which can be used by ONE MAN.

For smaller growers who wish to cut regular amounts each day, or growers who need just a few extra pallets to be cut during the weekend, then this machine provides the perfect solution.

(This machine is currently not available on tractors fitted with cabs and the tractor specification must include a power shuttle).

Kesmac parts are readily available in Europe from Hallmarket. Trained engineers are available to answer questions and give advice.

Full on-site training takes place in the UK and is available on request throughout the rest of Europe or further afield.

Contact us for a demonstration or for more information.

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