The Kesmac 2200 Turf Harvester was yet another exciting innovation to be introduced in 2003 in the UK.

The 2200 has independent full floating cutter head enabling the machine to trace ground contours precisely, resulting in a thinner, more precise cut.

The Kesmac 2200 is produced from an uncluttered design which still leaves the machine boasting excellent visibility and easy access to maintain the cutter head.

As with any Kesmac product, you can buy safe in the knowledge that each machine is proven and tested and will give you the reliability and performance you expect.

This is backed up by the very best service from Hallmarket and a highly efficient spare parts service.


Each machine is now available with a New Holland Q-Cab (Excludes the “DIY” harvester) and are finished off with a canopy and shielding around the stacker operator on the back.

Cabs come with air conditioning, heaters and all the extras you would expect from such a luxurious enclosure.

Kesmac parts are readily available in Europe from Hallmarket. Trained engineers are available to answer questions and give advice. Full on-site training takes place in the UK and is available on request throughout the rest of Europe or further afield.

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