As the pace increases to find better and more efficient ways to operate a turf farm, Hallmarket have come up with a novel approach by enabling 2 Kesmac 9-gang cylinder mowers to be linked together, producing an enormous 38ft (11.582m) cut.

Unlike other such devices, the Hallmarket Accumulator does not stagger the mowers, but keeps them in line, although one of the mower heads has to be removed to achieve this, making it a 17-gang mower.

The result is a mower, which is easier to operate, performing like one unit rather than 2 separate ones.

Other advantages are that the Hallmarket Accumulator can be switched from mowing to being driven on the road within 5 minutes, keeping it within the legal road limit in England.

All of this can be safely operated by one person with no strenuous lifting or effort at all. Changing back to single, stand-alone mowers is a very quick operation too.

A demonstration of this machine should not be missed showing clearly how versatile and manoeuvrable this machine really is, but at the same time being able to cover huge areas utilising only one tractor and needing only one operator.

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